Why hire us?

We try not to let you see us cry during your special moments, speeches, and when your groom reacts to seeing you for the first time! We want you both to enjoy your day — not spend every moment in front of the camera. This is one day - you should be able to spend time with friends, family, and more importantly, each other. We have designed a way for that to happen!  We will treat your day as if it was our own! We haven't been married that long... we know what's like and will help make everything run smoothly! Promise!

  • How do I know which collection is best?

    We are your "unofficial" wedding planners. We will help you structure your day to take any stress away. (Clearly, we're good at rhyming like a bad commercial jingle too!) We will make sure that you know what to expect on your special day and even help you plan with a sample wedding day timeline, client welcome pack, and purse-sized wedding planner.

  • We want to send out Save the Date cards.  Do you take engagement photos as well?

Each wedding package includes engagement photos that are edited and delivered to you on a flash drive for your convenience.  If you need assistance with design and production of you personalized paper products, we do that too!  We have styles-a-plenty to complement any wedding color palette. 

  • Do you offer wedding discounts?

    Getting married in the winter? (It's going to be beautiful!) Ask about our off-season discount. 

  • What is the booking process?

    To officially book your date, we make it easy for you:
    1. Make sure we are available for your date by contacting us in advance.
    2. Once we are "officially" yours, we will send you a contract and invoice. The only payment that will be due upon booking is a deposit of $250.
    3. You're on the calendar!
    4. We will then get really excited and wrap you up a little thank you gift that will help during your wedding planning process!



  • How long does an engagement session last and what should we wear?

Sessions take about an hour and include no more than two outfits.  If you are having trouble deciding what to wear or want to spend more time on photos, pick just one.  Engagement photos should reflect the love of you and your future spouse.  We encourage you to find a spot and that makes you both comfortable and suits your personalities.  It could be formal or festive!  Your outfits should match the vibe of your location.  Also, some girls will have their practice run regarding hair and makeup for the engagement shoot.

  • My future groom is not looking forward to the engagement pictures.  How do I make him feel more comfortable?

Let him know we are only there to make him look handsome and make you, their bride-to-be, happy with the outcome!  All he needs to bring is his love for you and a smile!   Props can add a fun dimension to the shoot too and make some grooms feel more relaxed.  We've had couples bring a baseball, bikes, a picnic basket, their dog, anything sentimental, Anything!  Don't hesitate to bring something that truly reflects you both.

    • There are so many wedding pictures I think I want taken.  It is so overwhelming!  How can you help?

    Weddings are a gorgeous combination of posing and candid shots.  Even in a flurry of excitement, we can offer a few tips to help wedding parties strike the best pose yet.  However, weddings are as individual and unique as you are, so we look forward to working with each couple to refine a list of "must-haves", plus we sneak in a few while you aren't looking!  We want you to have time for important moments and we will help you stay on track.

    • Taking pictures before the wedding seems popular these days.  Why should I consider this?

    It's a new age, so for many it's no longer considered back luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony.  It's an individual choice and should you decide to follow this trend, we will make it stress free and a loving moment in time for the couple, their families and the wedding party.  One of the benefits is everyone is in top form and fresh but most importantly, the groom and groomsmen are still OK with being in their tuxes!