Do you have a business you love?  Are you passionate about making it better?  
Let me help you focus on any business or photography areas you are ready to improve!

Portfolio Review | $199

Are you trying to figure out your photo or editing style?  I would love to help you identify your strengths and give you feedback on your images.  A portfolio review includes:

  • Feedback on 5-10 images; images may be submitted before we speak and camera settings/equipment used would be beneficial in reviewing.
  • A PDF of detailed image review feedback, emailed to you.
  • A 1-hour, one-on-one call, or Face Time mentoring session, discussing your images.

Website Review | $249

Are you struggling with your photo website and want to make sure it's a good representation of your business?  Do you have questions about the ease and layout of your site?  A website review includes:

  • Web address submission and 5-10 questions, related to your site.
  • A PDF of detailed website review feedback, emailed to you.
  • A 1-hour, one-on-one call, or Face Time mentoring session, discussing your site.
  • This review does not include coding, web construction, or web maintenance.

Q&A: business chat | $299

What do you want to work on?  Finding more clients, building your pricing structure, free marketing ideas, or finding the best light for a photo session?  Are you trying to juggle working a full-time job, while growing your business?  What about family/career balance?  I was there too, and the topics we can discuss are endless! No question is off-limits in a Q&A Business Chat!  This session includes:

  • Up to 10 questions of your choice that you specifically want to ask and discuss.
  • Two-1-hour, one-on-one calls, or Face Time mentoring sessions, discussing your submitted questions in-depth.
  • An additional hour may be added to this option, for $79/hour.  This may be decided later.

Booking a mentoring session

I love talking anything photography and would love to help you grow your business.  I never had help starting my business, until I invested in a mentor, and it made all of the difference!  (Your significant other can only handle so much photo talk, I get it!)  If you're just starting out, or ready for a business update, contact me today!

To schedule a mentoring session, or for more info, please contact me! 

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To make sure you get everything you want out of a mentoring session, please write anything down, so you don't forget and feel free to browse my social media to learn more about my business and style:

Disclaimer: No legal advice or accounting advice will be given in a mentoring session, but I can give you names of those professionals, who may assist in any of these situations, which may come up in chatting.  Both Photogenics on Location, and Dana Marquart are not responsible for any monetary success resulting from mentoring. These sessions are offered only to photographers beyond a 100-mile radius of 63090.  Payment is due in full before mentoring session can occur.