Deciding what to wear for a group family photo can be challenging.  Here are a few tips to consider when choosing clothing options.

1.  Coordinate Colors.  There is  no need for everyone to match exactly.  The goal is to pick a color or two and choose clothes that fit this scheme.  Starting with neutrals like creams, soft pastels, oatmeals, light browns, tans, grays and blues, and adding bold accent colors can add flair to any image.

2.  Consider your Home Decor.  Where will this photo be placed?  Is the decor formal or more relaxed in the room?  What is the color scheme?  You want your images to add interest, not act as a distraction.  Also, these pictures will be timeless and bring joy for years to come so avoid ultra trendy patterns and styles.  Classic is best!

3.  Accessories are Your Friend.  They can add depth to a photo or become a prop.  Who doesn't think kids look cute in bows, headbands and hats?  Little ones can wear dad's necktie or mom's pearls..  Have fun with it!

4,  Limit Patterns.  Stripes and florals look wonderful in family photos but not everyone should be sporting a print.  This can overwhelm a photo and confuse the eye so there is no focal point.  Clothing should complement the faces, not over power it

5.  Plan Ahead.  Don't wait until the morning of the shoot to organize your family wardrobe.  Begin thinking of options the day you book your session  Make sure children try on their clothes early.  Kids can outgrow items, especially pants, in an instant.  Take the time to clean and press selections in advance so you can focus on hair and makeup that day.

6.  No Characters or Large Logos Please.  Kids may want to wear their favorite superhero or princess shirt but avoid giving in to their request.  Characters can be distracting and date a photo unnecessarily.  Brand identifiers are fine on clothes, as long as they are subtle and not the focal point.

7.  Avoid All White or All Black.  All white can wash out and all black can lose detail.  If wearing these colors, make sure to add pops of additional colors or accessories to create visual interest.

8.  Consider Textures.  Including a scarf, belt or vest can break up an ensemble and add fun to a classic look.  Also, layering is a great way to make an outfit more versatile and add variety without a complete clothing change.

9.  Shoes Matter.  They can make or break an outfit.  Don't wear sneakers unless they complement your personality like Converse or bold, funky colors and are in great condition.  Remember the style of the photo.  If more relaxed, jazz it up with rain boots, colorful ballet flats or hipster boots.  More traditional?  Add polished dress shoes, wedges and heels.  All shoes should be in "like-new" condition without noticeable scuffs and dirt.

10.  Show those Pearly Whites!  The best accessory for any outfit is a natural smile!  We want these images to capture the love and joy in your family.  Make sure everyone is rested and well fed, especially the kids!  Be prepared to have fun, act silly, and give hugs and kisses!  The most beautiful images captured are those taken when families are simply interacting with each other without posing.  


Is your shoot just focused on the kiddos?  Here are a few quick hints for success. 

  • Layered looks are great.
  • Fun prints look good outdoors.
  • Hats, scarves, vests, bowties, and jewelry add a trendy, grown-up look.
  • Clothes should be fitted, not baggy.
  • Bare feet or fun shoes.
  • For shiny, neat hair use product, like mousse.
  • Avoid characters and huge logos that date the image and distract the eye.